History of SCRSOL

RSOL (Reform Sex Offender Laws) was founded in 2007, with a focus on post-conviction treatment of persons convicted of sexual offenses. RSOL, Inc. existed as an incorporated organization, and continued to grow in its influence by adopting bylaws, vision/mission/goals, key assertions, and electing a board of directors and committees to promote its established agenda. RSOL’s national conferences expanded their influence, and affiliate organizations increased in states across the country. Lobbying and litigation by these affiliates were, and still are, important goals.

In late 2016, in an effort to eliminate the use of the phrase “Sex Offender”, RSOL became NARSOL (National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws).  With the same mission and goals of RSOL, NARSOL continues the fight to bring change to the oppressive sexual offense laws under a different banner. NARSOL has always been clear about its fundamental mission and goals. It welcomes all who share these goals to participate in the organization’s work.

Created in 2021, SCRSOL (South Carolinians for Rational Sex Offense Laws) is an affiliate organization subscribing to NARSOL’s mission and goals for rational and fair sex offense laws, with our focus being to ensure the rights and dignity of all South Carolina residents. This additional organization serves to increase our presence and impact in the state and enlist many additional supporters to the cause.