Conference Report

Attending the NARSOL 2023 conference was not just informative but also fun. The speakers were knowledgeable and there were many more topics to choose from this year. Each year, as the administrators learn and grow, they expand the repertoire of offerings, making it nearly impossible to choose which breakout session to attend. Each session is informative, so choosing an area of interest is especially important when considering where to go in the advocacy journey.

I particularly enjoyed meeting up with people I have come to know from meetings and a previous NARSOL conference. I also met all kinds of new people, and that just brings more knowledge to our growing table. Everyone has a place at the table, as all contributions are valued equally. The games are fun, and they try to schedule events that will appeal to all age groups. They also encourage suggestions on how to improve future conferences, so it is nice they are open to change. I encourage anyone on the fence to get involved. It is only once per year, but the cherished memories will last a lifetime.